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What Makes A Healthy Marriage?

Emotionally Focus Therapy's Sue Johnson explains in a short video.

Workplace affairs: What to do when affair partners work together?

Learn what to do to heal your relationship when there has been an affair at work.

Marriage Problems: Why Do We Fight So Much?

What is all of the fighting with your partner really about? Learn what is going when you and your partner argue, what you will learn can help you step out of the cycle of arguments.

Will Marriage Counseling Really Help?

Find out how it is possible to save a marriage with couples counseling?

Got Caught Cheating? What to do to minimize the damage and recover quickly.

Find out here what you can do to help your relationship after discovery of an affair..

Why snooping is a bad idea?

Can't stop snooping?  Here is what to do and think about before you snoop.

Help my husband is addicted to porn?

Help, my husband is a porn addict (or sex addict or cybersex addict). What do I do now? My mind is racing.  Learn what you need to do to recover.

Apologies - Never good enough.

Have you ever tried apologizing over and over again and it just never seems to be enough?  Learn what you can do about it.

Why do marriages fail?

Many marriages fail, read more to find out what the cause is. It may just surprise you.

Am I codependent?

What are the personality traits and behaviors of someone with codependency?

Is Sex Addiction Real?

Just exactly is sex addiction?  Is it an excuse for bad behavior?  What do the experts think?  How is it different than substance addiction?

10 Way to Be a Better Lover - Tips for Men

What do women want sexually? Find out exactly what women want, it may surprise you.

Affairs with your boss

If you are having an affair with your boss or thinking about having one, what do you need to know? What do you need to know about workplace affairs?

Cheating and affair statistics

Find out just how common cheating and affairs are. How many marriages and relationships encounter infidelity?

What causes low libido in women?

What causes women's sex drive to decrease?  Find out what can be done about it.