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A Trainee's Guide to Conceptualizing Countertransference in Marriage and Family Therapy Supervision.

Published in The Family Journal, January 2014, Volume 22, Number 1

Listen to Renee talk about couples therapy and how it works.

Empire Broadcasting Interview with Renee

Digging Deeper into Cheating.

Renee talks with Kare 11 about cheating

Valentines Day Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Have you thought of a special Valentines gift for your partner yet?

Every February, we hear a lot about love and valentines and hearts and flowers and kisses. Depending on your relationship status and your state of mind, this is either super exciting or it’s a total downer. Learn what many couples expect during Valentines and how you can make it one of the most memorable for you and your partner.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

What most couples expect during Valentine’s Day

What your gift means for your partner and why they may or may not like it

How to make Valentine’s Day very special for you and your partner

Great Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Listen to the podcast from Renee Segal

What You Don't Know About Not Arguing May Hurt Your Relationship

Wouldn’t you love to feel in-love again with your partner? You can reconnect and rebuild the fun and passion in your relationship but this doesn’t just happen by itself. There are specific things you need to do to heal your disconnected relationship. Today in this episode, with Certified EFT, Renee Segal, we are going to discuss the the common causes of this disconnection and effective tips to feel emotionally connected again with your partner.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

What happens for couples when they disconnect and the impacts it causes in their relationships

How Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) can change relationships

Why it’s important to understand the triggers of the relationship conflicts and where they come from

Why not having any conflicts could be bad and its negative effects on relationships

Tips to repair conflicts using EFT The difference between a ‘repair’ vs ‘true apology’

Click this link to listen to the podcast

Renee on WCCO TV discussing how a prostitution sting relates to sex addiction


People unable to control impulses despite consequences can be an indication of sex addiction


Aired on WCCO June 6th 2014

Watch Renee on Huffington Post's
"I can't sleep with you"

How sleep issues impact marriages.

Aired on Huffington Post, July 10th, 2013.

Does sleeping in separate beds impact sex life?

Interviewed by Star Tribune, published on 5.19.12. A separate sleep keeps the peace. Sleeping in separate beds or bedrooms has limited impact on sex life. Having children has a greater effect on sexual intimacy.

Fifty Shades of Grey has become a phenomenal success. 


Women are reading it in droves and it has even been called “Mommy porn”.

To read more about why it is so popular, see this article written for

Aired on April 4, 2012 on Kare 11 News.


Why it can be hard to pass traditions down from one generation to the next.

Interviewed by Star Tribune, published on 12.15.12. Handing down the holiday. There are many reasons why it it can be hard for the older generation to give up hosting family holidays. It can be both a time of bonding or stress based on the reasons for passing down the holiday, it all depends on the particular family.